Heart Moon Brooch From Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon according to Gizoogle


A pimped out evil, consistin of Queen Beryl, her four generals, n’ a amorphous evil juice named Queen Metaria attempt ta loot juice so dat Beryl can take over tha ghetto. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass.

Yo, standin up in they way is tha “Sailor Senshi”, five middle-school-aged girls: perky Usagi Tsukino, smart-ass Ami Mizuno, paranormally gifted shrine maiden Rei Hino, tomboyish Makoto Kino, n’ J-pop idol Minako Aino; two beings dat step tha fuck up ta be sentient stuffed pussies (Luna n’ Artemis); n’ Tuxedo Mask, a jewel thief up in search of a immensely powerful, mystical Silver Crystal belongin ta tha Supa-Hoe of tha Moon.

Later up in tha series, Metalia n’ Sailor Moon each git too bangin ta be reined in, n’ tha conflict shifts ta attemptin ta postpone tha inevitable destruction of tha hood Earth. (It be lookin like Ghetto is plunged tha fuck into darknizz n’ not straight-up destroyed per se yo, but tha effect is tha same.)

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I made this header. Love PGSM so much!

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Some items I got recently :)

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Yaten’s award winning Princess Sailor Moon costume is up for sale on Etsy!  It needs a new home, so please take a look!

For a detailed breakdown of the costume, go here.


Sailor Moon The English Fandub. Coming Soon to ChibiCatInc. 

Credit to MoonsWhisper for the original image.

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Inner Conflict

cool how they done this because it is the same girl XD


“Crown Game Center” T-Shirts & Hoodies by initiala | RedBubble

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This moment…. when she realizes what she has done…. oh gosh the tears!


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Why didn’t these two ever get together?

He clearly had feelings for her near the end of the series. I was never quite sure if she recognized him though. She sort of acted weird, but I don’t know, because when she was Dark Mercury, she lost memory of everything she done when she became normal again. When she gave him his coat, that was when his feelings devolped for her and when he protected her, there must be good in his heart to do that. I loved how he adored her burnt cookies! Haha. It was a shame he never got to live out a normal life, which I never quite know why or why he turned away from being a ‘normal guy’ when he was working in the Crown with Motoki. I find PGSM a VERY confusing show, I can’t watch it without saying “WTF?!” or “HUH?!”. The affection Nephrite had for Ami seemed pretty much one sided though, not once did she show any affection for him, just smiling and with the coat thing, but that is just Ami’s nature. I felt really sad these 2 couldn’t get married and live happily ever after. I’m not sure why the show is the way it is and wtf was up with plots, but one thing I have always thoroughly sqeeeeeeed at was Nephrite and Ami. The way he looks at her is adorable and her shyness just makes me want to scream “HE LOVES YOU AMI! LOVE HIM BACK!”. I wish something would’ve came of these two. :(

He needs some tips on buying gifts for girls though, not buying HORNS lol. Thank god he never got them..lol


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