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Wow video game scenery

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give me a character (from anything ever) in my ask and I’ll rate:

somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know |


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I sucked at drawing stuff I should be drawing tonight, so I drew some Magical Dogs

The top left is of course from the My Dog is a Magical Girl not-a-real-comic

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She was supposed to be the next Magical Girl, but the dog touched the magical artifact first!

Now she has to help her pet fight evil and also prevent it from flying all over the place in search of bacon.

Inspired by a goofy skype conversation and not a real thing ;0

I wish this was real

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Every Main Character Magical Girl

Dec. 1966- Aug. 2014

What are all the shows? I know sailor moon and Cardcaptor Sakura…the others? I’d like to watch them

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You know, when I learned this adaption would cover the manga, I was happy that Mamoru would get a second chance. He’s actually rather likeable in the manga. You can tell he’s into Usagi, and overall they have a pretty healthy relationship. That’s why I was so sad that the original anime turned him into this douchebag at times.
But hey! This show covers the manga, so this is the real Mamoru, right? Wrong.

Whoever this guy is, I don’t know him. I suppose he could be Mamoru if you turned him into a robot and killed off all of his emotions. Because that’s what Crystal Mamoru feels like to me.

Also, why is he so bloody creepy? I can tell why Sailor V felt like she had to watch them, with him running off carrying the fainted Usagi into a dark empty alley and all. Such romance.

Characterization really isn’t Crystal’s strong side. And no, that’s not due to lack of time or budget. It’s poor writing.

Right now, the romance between Usagi and Mamoru feels about as genuine as the one between Bella and Edward in Twilight. Another dead, emotionless couple. But at least they’re sparkling, right?

I hate his lack of emotion. In the manga he gets a little awkward seeing Usagi in act 6, because he knows who she is and is falling in love with her. In crystal he has just an angry expression (as he does about 95% of the show) and has none of his loving teasing. They made him so….dull

Anonymous whispered:
Did you notice that in act 6 usagi says to tuxedo mask that she is the leader of the sailor guardians and then she says that she can't transform in front of tuxedo mask because he will find out she's sailor moon?


Yes it was weird and a big plot hole.

Some people are blaming the translation of the sub for not being accurate. I don’t really know what Usagi really says but if she does really say what the subs claim, then it’s a big plot hole.

Yep another thing I noticed. Unless it was deliberately done to make her look ‘dumb’

It’s sort of like pgsm where Usagi says she will transform into sailor moon to Mamoru and it gets all awkward and then she is all ” you knew all along?” When she discovers he is Tuxedo Mask later on. But she already admitted she was sailor moon.


Not gonna lie, I didn’t even notice his derpy face because I thought that was a glorious morning wood.

Then I realized that was just a long unproportioned femur.

Damn it.

To be honest I can’t figure out the anatomy of this at all. Ok…so if he is sitting up with his legs up like that…how can you do that?! I can’t figure it out. On top of that, his legs seem too long.
Upon when I first saw it, I thought he had a huge erection…


Luna’s flawless anatomy once again.

Is she an alien or just pregnant?

It’s her left leg! It’s the curvy part of her hind left leg.





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I love Kit-Kats in the US, but nothing beats a Japanese Kit-Kat. I really like the flavored ones the most.

Fun Fact: there are over 200 Kit Kat flavors in Japan (Source)

Huh. That’s news to me.

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Classic Barbie Movie Castles ;3


Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

Barbie Rapunzel 

Barbie Princess and the Pauper 

Barbie and the Three Musketeers

Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses

Barbie and the Diamond Castle

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Lilpri would be so much more entertaining if they…


Seriously. It lasts for a couple seconds and they give it all these fancy fantasy world backgrounds, instead of people observing them singing as-is. It’s like a transformation scene, but it isn’t, it’s singing.
Up to episode 5 next and it’s no doubt going to continue on…

I mean..yeah 😒

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Oh ok…

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We all know Sailor Moon Crystal has its flaws (quite a few!) - but cropping out a BACKGROUND shot of the girls and saying the show looks bad?


Literally EVERY anime looks like that when they show characters in the background. Hell, WESTERN animation looks like that.

I can’t handle this anymore.

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EDIT: Though the coloring outside of Usagi’s hair lines was just pointed out to me on twitter. (Didn’t even notice.) I’m sure that’ll be fixed for the BD/DVD release though. 

It’s the outside the hair colouring which makes it noticeable to me. Otherwise it’s ok