"Nickel & Noah"

My upcoming, very first, children’s e-book!

Written AND illustrated by me.

It’s about two best bird friends who run away from their responsibilities!

Might make this a series if this first book does well!


The girl who played the little parrot loving girl in ‘Paulie’ is now the same age as me! Expected her to be older, but no, she was born the same year.
She is 22 now like me.

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Daphnis and Chloe" (detail), 1824, Baron François Gérard. (original painting here)

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Ahhhh sailor moon crystal is on line play!

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So true though…

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Hello kitty is not a cat

Just read some shocking news that hello kitty is not a cat.

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These two celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary today :)

SO TOUCHING. They are 101 and 102 years old!

My heart <33333333333

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Pastel Dreamer Shoulder Bag

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» the girls

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EVERYONE accept The Lord into your life. Accept him as your saviour, your father in heaven and he died for your sins. Ask him NOW.
Confess your sins, go down to your knees, ask for forgiveness!
This earth is fleeting, it’s not the life that lasts forever. Heaven and hell are eternal.
The love of Christ is what REALLY matters!
He loves you! Let him into your life!





remember when bee movie promoted bestiality 


i need a moment

I actually kind of like this movie…but it’s really quite creepy! It flopped as a movie, but I don’t think it’s that bad