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Coloured Faber Castel polychromos pencil portrait of Lucille Ball

not a fan but this is so pretty

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Morning Sky

was inspired by morning skies.. not that i know anything of sunrises *guilty pleasures*

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Sailor Moon Bikini Set Giveaway~! ♥


  • One winner will be selected to receive a Sailor Moon bikini/lingerie set in their desired color (if in stock)


  • You must follow all of the rules in the Rafflecopter Widget in order for your entries to be counted towards this giveaway.

Please read this post to view the measurements of the bikini, as well as the shipping exclusions before entering this giveaway.

This giveaway ends on August 20th.

Good luck and have fun!


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Enjoy yummy food? this blog is for you!

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what an ass

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I can’t enjoy watching the Saddle Club because Lisa is such an uncaring little bitch and Lara Marshall acts her out so badly it makes it even worse!
I was watching that one ep where Stevie has a pimple… and I seriously just want to scream at Lara for how bad her acting is… and scream at Lisa for not caring!
It’s an ok show in season one, but season 2 is all NOPE with the acting.

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Does anyone know the name of that site where you in your body size, and it gives you a 3D image of yourself? Saw it on tumblr but it refreshed itself before I could reblog.

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So I found these. Didn’t know I still had them. So glad I do!
Lost the card collector sheet and board game spinner things though. I had more cards as well but they disappeared as well. I never sealed them up properly.
The holographic cards in the top pic are quite beat up and bent.

Kinda peeved I tossed out a lot of my saddle club things, I think I still have the CDs and a jigsaw book though.

I sold the book bag I had a year ago which was stupid….

Kinda pathetic, but I still have a bit of love for this show. As bad as it is (Lara Marshall’s acting though…argh)

If I ever find anymore SC things I will post pictures.

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Spring, From a Series of the Four Seasons in the Salle Du Conseil

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