Kate Winslet Titanic costume test

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Up first will be ‘Planet Horse’
I’m not sure how to finish certain parts though…had this problem in the past :/ yes, I suck at gaming if you can’t tell by now.

After that, I will get stuck onto that Lucinda Green game ‘Equestrian Challenge’. Which I can finish pretty quickly.

Not sure after that what to do. I’ve thought maybe the two Horsez games. But they are very very long. So we’ll see.

The only games I play are Barbie and horse ones 😂

I’m a big kid at heart :)

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This doll is everything. 


Stop work now! You’ll want to visit the Vintage Toy Archive, which features 100s of classic toys from the 1960s and 70s.

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So I’m going to do full game plays of some horse games :)
I’ve done them in the past, but I thought it would be neat to record me playing them

Since I can now do full uploads on my YouTube

I’m meaning to do ‘Barbie Pet Rescue’ but I’m not sure where my disc is
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( x )

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Super cute items by Fancy a la mode~~💕💫 I love everything so much! 

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