I fully believe Usagi is polyamorous. In the first season she’d fantasize about marrying both Tuxedo Mask and Motoki, and throughout the series she often felt attracted or developed crushes on other people even while in a relationship with Mamoru. I really liked that, and as a polyamorous person myself, I felt like it gave me something I could very strongly identify with.

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gee, there is terms for EVERYTHING now. I think this is just called being a ‘14 year old teenager’ though ;)

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After I finished reading the manga, my school library started taking recommendations for books. They had a graphic novel section already filled with mangas and comics so I decided to suggest sailor moon. They only brought the first half of the series, but every so often I’ll look at the sheet of paper stuck to the back page with all the due dates stamped on it just to see how many times it has been borrowed out. I’ve even seen people in my own year level reading it. It makes me so happy.

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do libraries still use the stamping system? I haven’t seen it in so many years!!

"What big eyes you have mr tiktok"

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Richard Scarry was my childhood. Miss it! ❤️❤️❤️

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Late night munchie meal

Must be those ‘flying noodles’

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The Busy World of RIchard Scarry


The Busy World of Richard Scarry intro

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"Ahhhh what a beautyyyyyy"

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Wish there was a storenvy mob app

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Ta-da! This Octopus/Cthulhu necklace will be available at in just a few minutes! I’ll only have ONE available to purchase, because I can only make one at a time, and it’s somewhat of a lengthy process. But I absolutely love how it turned out <3 

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Do something worth remembering. - Elvis Presley

 Elvis Presley on the set of Jailhouse Rock (1957)

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Psalm 71:14