This movie was extremely important to my childhood.

Watching now. A fave of mine

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Another thing I noticed on the reread after SMC ep08 aired—Makoto b eing the one to lift them up to the top of the tower actually is originally in the manga!

As far as i recall, it’s not anything we see her doing again, I don’t think she ever levitates them in another spot?  But it’s interesting that I totally did not notice this at any point before I reread it today, but she’s definitely the one pulling them up there!

(Crystal did add Makoto rescuing Minako from Kunzite’s attack, that seems to be an anime-only thing!)

I get very irritated by the changes! I don’t know why they are changing the scenes?


0v0 Sailor V!!!!

They stuffed up mercury’s bow

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So, taking a quick look at the BluRay of episode 2…

I feel kind of sorry for Ami. Even the BluRay editor didn’t really know how to fix the scene with her wonky face. It’s way improved, but still fucked up.

I thought they’d at least fix up the crappy long-distance shots, but anything that isn’t Main Characters didn’t really get retouched. So we still have that crowd scene with CLAMP noodle people.

I’m kind of mad they didn’t at least fix Mercury’s transformation. Hers is definitely the worst in terms of quality, but we still have shitty low quality bubbles and that weird gray fuzzy outline like a bad Photoshop cutout.

Also, if you were scared that we’d lose Big Booty Luna, NO WORRIES! Apparently Toei Japan also have no idea what a cat looks like, so they just kind of left it alone.

I noticed there’s still a few errors from the Web version left, such as the fuckups during the bed scene, and the Disguise Pen still missing in some scenes. I also noticed a part where they added the Disguise Pen, but her collar now vanishes forth and back instead as she moves.

So yeah. Quality control is still not that great. The animation (as in movement) is still crap, so they’re not fixing that either (which I figured, but I still hoped, sigh…).

WHAT they didn’t fix the weird arcade face scene?! That was terrible…

What are men compared to rocks and mountains?


"Miss Bennett, I warn you. I am not to be trifled with" - Judi Dench as Lady Catherine, Pride and Prejudice

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Darcy and Bingley checking out the Bennet sisters

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The two Saddle Club albums I never got.Somehow I feel like I missed out on part of my childhood *tear*

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Partworks magazines from my childhood!

Did anyone else get these?

MISS them all! Does anyone still have their collections?

I did manage to get a full container of makeup for the first series of Sabrina’s Secrets (there was a side nail art series I didn’t get). But naturally, everything went gross with age.

I still have some of the items that came with these collections.

I’d like to rebuy them all again, apart from Sabrina’s Secrets and Make it Groovy (makeup and paint will be gross!)

(anyone wondering what ‘partworks’ is. It means a magazine series that comes with items you collect)

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Old Disney Girl magazines with Hilary Duff and W.I.T.C.H. on the cover!

This is where I got into and read W.I.T.C.H.!

Does anyone remember this mag? I used to get it for a couple years from about 2003-2006.

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Random. But did anyone used to get the DOLLY quiz mags back i nthe day?

Obviously I don’t have this issue. This is a modern one. I can’t find pictures of the old ones.

I’m talking 2004-2006?

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ABBA + Claude Monet’s art

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