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*_* I love her style, if I could trade everything in my closet for hers I would.

I remember her! Her blog was deleted ages ago, I really loved her style.

Does anyone know where you can see all the old windows wallpapers? All those dodgy patterns? Can’t find them anywhere :(
I think one was a checkerboard or something…

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"I can’t ask you to stay indefinitely
but I won’t stop asking for more
time. The universe is full of empty
spaces and my hand shouldn’t be
one of them. My heart shouldn’t
be one of them; my hips, the
small of my back, the base of my
neck - what terrible craters to be
so empty, especially with you right
here. I’m not asking for forever,
just a little while longer - my
fingers in your hair should be
reason enough, but I’ll give you
a few more if you need them."
anne, just a few more minutes (via anneisrestless)
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all I hear is Terri Hawkes in every one of these scenes :) <3

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So I tried a demo of The Sailor Moon 1996 colorforms game


You know what i love most about the back art of the Moon Pride packaging? Everyone clearly has different boob sizes. 

yeah you’re right. Makoto is the biggest in breast size, as she always was.

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버거 킹어니언 링//프렌치 프라이

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Fashion! Put It All On Me ➝  Paolo Sebastian f/w 2014-15

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Bananas in Pajamas! I did these as guest post for The Crumpet so head over there to see it


Remember that episode of Bananas in Pyjamas where they had to walk around naked because someone stole their pyjamas off the clothesline?

So then they decided to make clothes out of their curtains


And that bitch Lulu laughed at them?


What episode was this one?

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